What is this Vaping all About?

Vaping Facts To Consider

Vaping makes the news a lot these days and whether it is positive or negative depends on which specific stories you tend to hone in on. However, overall there still seems to be a lot to like about vaping and what it brings to the table, especially in comparison to the habit of traditional smoking that it often replaces. If you take a look at e juice reviews you can see that the flavors of these vaping tools look enticing.
#1: Far less toxins in vaping
While it’s true that some combinations seem to have potential toxins in them, and it’s not saying that vaping isn’t potentially without health risks, there’s no comparison to that and conventional cigarettes, especially when it comes to second hand smoke.

#2: Second hand vapor has nicotine
This is something to consider when smoking around teens, children, or others. While second hand vapor doesn’t have the toxic ingredients that cigarette smoke has, it does contain nicotine and while there’s not a clear consensus yet on whether that can cause addiction or other issues, it’s worth knowing as a legitimate potential area of concern.

#3: E-Cigs do not stiffen the arteries
This was an early rumor that circulated around claiming vaping was bad for the heart, but no studies have found any evidence of that whatsoever up to this point. While plenty more studies on vaping will be done in the future for now you can put this concern to rest.


#4: Solid switch from smoking cigarettes
While there is a lot of heated debate whether vaping helps people to quit or is just exchanging one habit for another, it’s hard to argue with the fact that vaping is far better overall for health than smoking is. The full effects of vaping aren’t known yet, but it is solidly shown that vaping is far more beneficial for an individual (or at least far less harmful) than traditional smoking, and the easiest way most smokers have found for quitting traditional tobacco.